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Princeton University is home to one of the nation's only entirely student-run film and screenwriting festivals. Founded in 2014, the Princeton Film Festival aims to provide young, up-and-coming filmmakers and screenwriters with the opportunity to showcase their artistic work with their peers on college campuses and beyond. We hope to promote and celebrate promising writers and filmmakers, while also introducing the community to new film concepts, ideas and points of view. 


The Festival will be hosted at Princeton University each spring, and artists from across the world are invited to attend. Submitted films will be evaluated by a panel of judges and awarded accordingly. Submitted screenplays will be read by several readers and also awarded. 


It is our hope that the Princeton Film Festival will serve not only as a gathering place for young, artistic minds, but also as a tool for filmmakers and writers alike to learn more about their craft and progress towards a successful career in film. The Festival will host speakers from different areas of the entertainment and film industry. Certain winners of the competition will not only have their work screened at the Festival, but will also be able to meet with production and distribution companies for a chance to produce their screenplay or distribute their films to a wider audience.