s c r e e n w r i t e 



As the adage goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." We want to see what you've written. Part of what makes the Princeton Film Festival unique is the inclusion of screenwriting alongside submitted short films, appreciating both the literary and visual aspects of filmmaking. We welcome screenwriters of college age and older to submit their pieces to us. Unless otherwise requested, the Festival shall not post full screenplays on the web page for public viewing in order to protect the writer and the creative work. Please see the Official Rules and Regulations page for more information on the submission process. 



We will be accepting teleplays, documentary screenplays, and screenplays for short films up to 75 pages in length. The winning screenplays will be on display during the Festival and awarded an interview with a production company to discuss the potential production of the selected screenplays into a film. Submissions are welcome September 1 throught Februrary 1.