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The film industry is one that is constantly evolving. One of the things that makes filmmaking so dynamic is its ability to work in conjunction with other art forms. Fashion filmmaking, for example, is a rising star in the industry, attracting thousands of aspiring filmmakers and designers each year. "Fashion film is, I believe, the celebration of fashion or the fashion industry, the art of fashion, through the lens of the filmmaker. It's the filmmaker's interpretation and celebration of the art of fashion," says Ms. Campbell, Program Director of the Fashion Film Festival Chicago. "If a film concerns itself with depicting some aspect of the fashion industry—be it models, or the style of the clothes themselves—then it's a fashion film."

Fashion film is still something of an encompassing term. Within it, there can be several subgenres: experimental, comedic, dramatic, just to name a few. "There's a lot of different work out there. Some of them are commercials, but some of it is art. We've received and seen a lot of work; there'll be some very cool experimental film, and then there'll be classic, elegant films focusing on and celebrating Victorian-inspired pieces. It's hard to give just one answer to the question of 'what is fashion film?' It's just a very broad spectrum."

This short, "Blackened Wings" by Josh Brandao, is set in a Soviet period, following a young boy as he struggles with his sense of self and overcomes bullying. "Blackened Wings" won the Coupe d'Or at the 2014 Fashion Film Festival Chicago.

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